Sagacity has developed a set of powerful tools in SharePoint that streamline pipeline operations, manage call plans, track teaming, develop solutions and manage proposals.   Contact us for a demonstration to learn how these tools can be used to benefit your company

  • Pipeline Tool:  An easy intuitive tool to effectively manage your pipeline, qualify opportunities, and track status against growth metrics.

  • Proposal Management Tool:  An online system for tracking proposal development tasks and sharing information with the proposal development team.

  • Requirements Analysis Tool:  A tool to analyze and track requirements issued as part of an RFP and link them to proposed solution elements, interfaces implementation schedule, and software components.

  • Teaming Database and Tracking Tool:  A tool to track potential partners, evaluate companies against teaming criteria and report on the development of a winning team.

  • NDA and TA Database: A tool to track and report the status of non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and teaming agreements (TA) as part of teaming and proposal submission with workflow to document the approval of authorized staff.

  • Call Plan Tracker: A tool to manage customer contacts, meetings, and the execution of a call plan.

  • RFP Q&A Tool: An online database for recording questions to ask the government, editing questions, linking them to RFP sections, deciding which questions to submit, and obtaining capture manger approval on the final set of questions for submission.